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Existing Property Certification

Existing property certification needs to be obtained when proposing any additional or extension work to an existing property. A certificate of compliance is a legal requirement to ensure all works have been carried in in accordance with any Planning Permission granted and the Building regulations.

Coyle Civil & Structural provides design and certification for existing residential, commercial and public buildings. We are currently registered as Assigned Certifiers with County Councils throughout Ireland.

Before the building is occupied or used, a certificate of compliance together with relevant documentation and the Inspection Plan is lodged with the Building Control Authority.

It is an offence to occupy or use a building without having a valid certificate of compliance on completion as required by statutory processes.

Our engineering consultants provide clients with existing property certification after confirming a construction project has been in compliance with Building and Planning Regulations.

This existing property certification will be requested on the sale or mortgage of your property. If you have not employed an engineer, architect or surveyor and you do not have a certificate of compliance, then you will have to provide an Opinion of Compliance.

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